Some of the Roof Top Styles That Will Make Your Dream Home Look Great

It is everyone’s dream to own a good home. You will need to consider several factors when coming up with the best picture of your dream home. One of the area that need concentration in a home is the roofing. You might however have limited ideas about the various roofing styles. You can entrust your roofing needs and styles to a professional. A roofing professional will advise on the best material for your roofing needs as well as the best style. There are several types of roof styles that you can consider for your home.

Flat roof is one of the various roof styles you can consider for your desired home. Regardless of its flatness, a flat roof has a slight slant that helps in draining water. The flat roof is advantageous since it provides some more space. You can build a deck on top of the roof. However, this roof style is prone to water leakage as compared to other styles. You should thus not go for the flat roof if you live in places with high snowfalls.

Another roof style that you can consider for your home is the skillion. Flat surfaces is what characterize the skillion roof. As opposed to flat roof, the skillion roof is normally angled thereby forming a slope. Water drains naturally from the skillion roof. The minimalist design of the skillion roof usually require less materials as compared to traditional roofs. The scallion roof is as well easy to build. That means that building the skillion roof is much cheaper.

You can as well apply the mansard roof for your dream home. Four sides each with two slopes is what characterizes the mansard roof. The slopes are however different in steepness. Since it was popularized by Francoise Mansart, the mansard roof is usually known as French roof. Beauty is one thing that characterizes the mansard roof. You will also enjoy more living space with this type of roof. However, the mansard roof cannot stand extreme weather such as rainfall and heavy snow.

Lastly, you can consider the Gambrel roof for your new home. A gambrel roof consists of a two sided roof featuring two distinct slopes. A simple design is another characteristic of the gambrel roof. As compared to other roof styles, the gambrel style is usually more affordable. With the slopes, the gambrel roof also is good for draining water. However, this roof is not recommended for those living in places with high wind.